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A weekly column to answer your most frequently asked dating questions.

Q: I just had a great couple of dates with a new match.  How do I keep the spark alive while practicing social distancing?

A: All over the world people are showcasing their adaptability, making the best of a challenging situation and creating new ways to connect!  It's important that you don't lose the spark of a new romance, so here are a few tips:

Dial them up. Before texting and social media, new couples would talk for hours on the telephone. Sometimes we forget how hearing tone and inflection can add so much depth and greater understanding to how we communicate. 

Add a little tech. Get camera-ready and have a virtual date on your computer. Free, downloadable applications like Zoom, Google Hangouts and Houseparty make it possible to get "face-time" while maintaining a social distance. Do the same things you'd do on a regular date: dress up, arrive on time, and to keep things social, BYOB. Pro Tip: make sure your camera angle is straight-on and flattering, and make sure you have ample lighting.

Stay Playful.  Engage with your date and perhaps learn a little bit about them by suggesting an online game. Some apps, such as Words With Friends or Trivia Crack, will let you play at your convenience so you can keep a game going for days.  It's a fun way to stay connected!

This week's answer was contributed by Matchmaker and Dating Coach Jolene Beaton. 

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