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Let The Sparks Fly!

So, you’ve been dating someone through us for a while now, and you’ve started moving through the different stages of your relationship. Where the butterflies left off is now replaced by a feeling of comfortability and expected plans - but don’t fret, this a good thing! It’s nearly impossible to have the continuous energy and excitement of “firsts” going throughout a long-term relationship. However this doesn’t mean the sparks have gone - it just means that you have the opportunity to be conscious, and continually put effort into your relationship. That said, we have some strategies to encourage healthy growth in a relationship rather than letting it fizzle out or even crash and burn.

Kick start your adrenaline and dopamine.

New relationships are an adrenaline rush of excitement and unknowns. Your heart races, you get giddy and your stomach is full of butterflies. But something “new” doesn’t need to be the only thing that gets your heart racing in your relationship!

There are so many adrenaline-generating activities that you and your partner can indulge in. You can go on a bike ride around the city, hike a beautiful trail or even something as simple as watch a scary movie together. All of these things will get your blood flowing, increasing your dopamine levels which will give you that same sense of excitement! Keep in mind, being prepared to make whatever you do extra special will enhance your time together. It’s the little things, like packing a picnic for the bike ride or hike or grabbing your favorite snacks and drinks to complete your movie night!

Learn and Grow Together.

Do you have something that you have always wanted to do? Maybe it’s even something you thought about doing with your partner. Well – there’s no time like the present! Start this new activity or exploration together. Doing new activities will set your relationship up for success; statistics show that long-lasting couples continuously date each other throughout their relationship and also make things interesting by doing new things. Growing together through new experiences with your significant other will be fun, increase conversation and has the potential to create another level of intimacy.

It’s the thought that counts.

Mystery, surprise and spontaneity all add excitement to a relationship – and these don’t always need to be BIG over-the-top gestures. You don’t need to surprise them with a luxury vacation, diamond earrings or watches. Creating an element of spontaneity or surprise is truly about the thought or effort you put into what you are doing. You could surprise them with almost anything -- a note or romantic message on their mirror in the morning, flowers for no reason, a road trip to a scenic view....the list is never ending! Letting your partner know that you thought about them will show them that they are continuously on your mind and that putting effort into your relationship is important to you.

Get a change of scenery.

Get out of the house! You both are used to your normal “my place or yours?” or “Do you want to go to this restaurant again?” It’s really easy to get into patterns, and as much as these could be enjoyable, adding some spice on occasion goes a long way. So, go somewhere new – just the two of you for at least one night, have fun, be carefree and create unforgettable memories together.

Spending time together outside of your norms gives you the chance for extended quality time where you can bond in new ways. It's a great opportunity to reconnect and experience new things while focusing on your relationship without the pressure of thinking about your relationship.

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