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Do's & Don'ts of Emojis While Dating

Yes, texting is a quick and easy way to chat in the world of dating. Texting creates a space for singles to question how to best message, and it has caused overthinking to many daters! Since texting was introduced, our Matchmakers have time and time again addressed questions from, “Will the person I’m dating understand my sarcastic text messages or get my sense of humor?” to “Will they want to text during the day or should I only text at night?”.

Now with so many emojis options, and new ones surfacing every day, our dating experts have frequently been asked, “Should I use emojis when texting someone I’m dating? “ So, let’s go over it, and keep your text messages fun from the start! Here are our Matchmakers “Do’s and Don’ts of emojis while dating”:

Emoji Do - A Wink:

😉Get your flirt on without getting creepy! A wink is the perfect way to be a bit flirtatious

without giving away too much while texting a response. The wink lets your match

know you’re fun and whimsical.

Emoji Do - Ok Hand

👌Let your date know everything’s A-OK. The great thing about this symbol is it's a fun

response that can stand alone. It encourages and shows your date you are onboard

with what they are asking in a positive, upbeat reaction showing your interest, and

helps set the tone.

Emoji Don’t: The Princess

👸The diva’s go-to icon. After you exchange numbers on your first date, use this emoji

at your own risk! If you’re using it to describe yourself, you may come off as a diva or

high maintenance – and even if you are a diva and proud of it, it’s probably

something you don’t want to reveal until after you’ve made your match fall for you –


Emoji Do - Thumbs Up

🤩Show your date you’re into it. You had a great time, so let them know with a quick to

the point message with this fun starry-eyed happy face. Make your message clear, not hard to decipher, and playful. That’s why sending a star-struck smiley face will help your date feel at ease, plus break the “will they or won’t they contact me” uncertainty after a good first date.

Emoji Do: Man or Woman Dancing (or both)

🕺💃A happy dance. If you had a fun and entertaining time and you want your date to

know it, shoot them these dancing people with a message letting them know you had a good time! It’s the emoji equivalent to turning on a happy song and dancing around your room after you kiss your middle school crush at a school dance. So why not share that feeling of pure happiness with your date?

Emoji Don’t: Heart

♥️ The emoji for lovers of love. I’m sorry passionate people, but it’s way too early for

love. All this heart will do is make your date question every single aspect of everything

you say or do from here on out, looking for hidden meaning and crazy love signals.

Being an It’s Just Lunch Client we all know you’re invested in your dating life, save the

gushy-love for later!

Emoji Do: Smirk

😏Naughty by nature. This is the suave, cool way to react to taking things to a flirty,

intimate level with the person you’re dating. The best part about using this emoji is

that it allows you to be a little “too cool for school”, but since it’s on a silly emoji guy,

it just becomes adorable. Making it the perfect way to celebrate your new squeeze.

Emoji Do: Tada

🎉Celebrate good times. The celebration emoji is unapologetically happy! This shows

you thought it was fun and you want to shout it from the mountains. This is

something that would make your date smile happily, then check out their reflection

in a storefront, wink and think to themselves, “You did it. You rock.” So if you’re

feeling great after the date, why not pass on the good vibes?

Emoji Don’t: The Scream

😨Oh, the horror! Come on, it couldn’t have been that bad…and even if it was, keep

it to yourself! Some of us have egos to protect! And if you’re sending it as a joke –

think twice. Certain people are sensitive about this sort of thing and it could lead to

a lifetime of underachieving performance, even if everything works out.

Emoji Do: Heart Eyes

😍As time goes by (and you’ve had the talk), show them they’re the apple of your

eye. You’ve been patient and waited until the perfect time, so now I’ll reward you –

it’s time to bring out the emojis with the hearts in them. Specifically, the happy

emoji with heart eyes, a majestic heart-eyed masterpiece. And this is just the

beginning. Feel free to start busting out the cat face with heart eyes, kissy face

with a heart, or the coveted sparkly heart emojis. But remember to pace yourself!! Too much of anything can be annoying. Even love.

Emoji Don’t: The “Infamous” Poop

💩Leave the potty humor in the bathroom. Come on, you’ve worked so hard and gotten

this far with your new love interest, and you’re really going to risk LOSING

EVERYTHING by sending an ill-timed poop emoji? If you have the nerve to send this

right after you’ve snagged a healthy relationship, more power to ya, but it’s a

slippery slope. Be careful. Tread lightly.

There you have it – the do’s and don'ts of dating with emojis. Stick to this guide, and your emoji use will help you form a wonderful, meaningful connection in no time. But remember, rules are meant to be broken and emojis are meant to be fun!

Happy Dating!

IJL Select

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