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Time for A Second Date, Minneapolis

You’ve had your first date and you hit it off – what’s next? IJL has made the first move for you – now it’s your turn. This is your chance to show them your own personal effort and see if you have a great connection. When planning a second or third date with your new interest find something to do that will really wow them! If you’re not sure what to do next – don’t worry, we are still here to help. Here are some hot spots and hidden gems in Minneapolis to help you plan your future dates.

Create Your Own Adventure

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “do one thing every day that scares you”. This can help with your confidence and courage. It can also help bond you and whoever you experience it with. So why not incorporate that into your dating experience? Whether it’s part of your norm or outside of your comfort zone create an adventure together.

- Ever wanted to experience the feeling skydiving but never had the nerve to get in that plane? Try indoor skydiving with iFLY! Experience the thrill of skydiving without having to go 13,000 feet in the air!

- Who hasn’t dreamed of flying in a hot air balloon? Well now is your chance! Aamodt’s Apple Farm in Stillwater offers hot air balloon rides! Fly away together and see the beautiful sights that Stillwater has to offer from the sky! Then, finish off your evening with some dinner and drinks.

- Now if you’re really up for an all-day adventure, check out one of the places in Minnesota where adventure and beautiful views aren’t hard to find. The Boundary Waters are located near the Canadian border so definitely have your road trip playlist and snacks ready to go to create fun for the ride! It’s the perfect place to go hiking, camping, canoeing and so much adventure to be had!

*Matchmaker tip: Be prepared. If you are going on a date that requires a little more movement and activity, dress for the occasion!

Spend A Night with The Arts

For the music and arts lover in us all; Imagine yourself picking up your date and going out for a nice dinner, from there you head to spend a night fully immersing yourselves in all the arts has to offer.

- Bring the excitement of New York’s Broadway theatre to your date night! The historic Orpheum Theatre built in 1921 is home to a recent renovation and many Broadway shows. What could be more fun than seeing a great show with someone and heading out to grab a drink and talk about it after!

- A definite hidden gem is Paisley Park – if you haven’t been, it’s a must see! Who wouldn’t want to see where Prince lived and produced some of the most iconic songs of the 80s. Enjoy a tour of his Chanhassen home and studio.

- Stroll around the Sculpture Garden and admire the pieces on display while getting to know each other better! Maybe even embrace your goofy side snap some selfies with the spoon!

*Matchmaker Tip: If you don’t already know, find some fun facts about what you are doing so you can show your appreciation and encourage a comfortable environment/conversation.

Food for Thought

- Bardo in northeast is sure to please your taste buds and your wallet! It has dog friendly patios and phenomenal wine pairing nights! Ask your server what they would recommend and enjoy a comfortable and tasty night out.

- Spend a night enjoying New Orleans (Creole) style cooking and Blues at Vieux Carré. Vieux Carré’s mix of local music, food and drinks gives this underground restaurant an old-time speakeasy feel creating a lively atmosphere to get to know each other.

- As all Minnesotan’s know, St. Paul has the best Farmer’s Markets – why not turn this into a great date and browse some vendors together! Check out the newest Keg and Case market and pick up an assortment of goodies to create a fun picnic of your favorite things!

*Matchmaker Tip: it’s always fun to order multiple things and share with your date so you get the opportunity to try more on the menu. Let’s be honest, not everyone is a sharer, make sure your date feels comfortable doing so.

Not Your Average Dinner Date

None of these ideas hitting home yet? Here are a few more unique things you can do with your match!

- Is it a date, or a test? An escape room can be fun, but also tell you if you’re compatible through your communication and problem solving skills. A great location to go to is Escape MSP, with multiple rooms and plenty of restaurants around for after!

- Tee off with your special someone! Top Golf just opened in Brooklyn Center and what better way to spend a night then playing some golf, eating good food and enjoying the fun environment.

- Enjoy a night out looking at the animals, without all the little kids! The Minnesota Zoo has Adults Night Out, where you can enjoy the exhibits without all the hustle and bustle of the day!

- Take a Nice Ride and bike around the cities, a park, or a lake! Enjoy the city and the sights as you cruise around with your special someone.

These ideas aren’t even scratching the surface of all the cool things you can do in Minnesota – you just have to open up your mind to ideas and look around you. Spicing up the places you go can also spice up your love life. We hope some of these places bring a new sense of adventure and fun to your dating experience! if you need help planning and finding something to do, call us – that is why we are the experts and why we are here.

Remember, we’ve got your back, want to continue making a good impression on your dates? if Check out our blog “Tips for a Successful First Date” for tips on leading a date and wowing your match.

Jolene Beaton is a nationally renowned matchmaker and dating expert. Her expertise, passion and unique ability to truly understand singles and the complex dating scene have made her a sought after expert in matchmaking, dating and relationships. Over the past 11 years Jolene has established herself as a leading Dating & Relationship Coach with It's Just Lunch and remains focused on one key goal – helping her clients find love.

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