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Positivity and Dating

Having a positive attitude is beneficial in any aspect of life, but is especially necessary in order to be a successful dater. There’s no way you can be successful in a potential relationship if you’re negative. Even if you meet someone who isn’t your soulmate, being positive during the date will do nothing but benefit you. You can learn something from whomever you’re talking to, and decide which qualities you like and don’t like in a potential partner. Here are several ways to keep up a positive attitude to ensure you’ll be as successful as possible when it comes to dating.

Dress Up

If you look good, you’ll feel good. Spending a little extra time on your outfit especially in the spring and summer months will make you feel more put-together, more fashionable, and will make your date that much better. If this means adding a pop of color for summer, or buying some new shoes, then do it.


According to a study done by Wayne State University, students who had larger smiles in yearbook photos actually had more fulfilling lives, longer and more successful marriages, and were in general happier later in life than their less smiley classmates. Smiling during a date will make you feel better, and could further enhance the entire date experience.

Try something new

Stray away from your favorite restaurant and go someplace fun and new for your next date. Better yet – do something new. If you've already had a first date, try doing an activity together that you both enjoy like golfing or playing tennis. If it’s nice out you could even go for a walk. Every date doesn’t have to be a sit down meal, sometimes getting out there and doing an activity together is the best way to get to know someone. These less traditional options will help spice up your dates and keep you interested.


The work week can get so stressful and busy that sometimes it feels like there’s hardly any time to relax and just think – stopping to do a light workout can help jump start your brain and give you some much needed reflection time. Not only can this help destress you when it comes to dating, it can help reduce stress in every aspect of your life, which will only enhance your dating life.




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