Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our Matchmakers and Client Advisors which questions Clients asked the most.  If your topic is not covered below, click on the "More" tab and choose "Contact Us" to ask us anything you want! You'll receive an answer within one business day.


How often will I be going out?

Our Clients are matched once every two to three weeks and go out on a date an average of once each month. Because our Clients are all busy professionals, who often have hectic work and life commitments, it may take several days to coordinate both parties.  Please be patient and know that we are working as quickly and diligently as possible to confirm a date and time that works for both parties.    The frequency in which you go out can fluctuate based on your availability and the type of person you would like to meet. Want to go out more often? Keep an open mind!  Everyone has preferences, but you could be missing out on great connections because you’ve said “no brunettes” or “he must be at least 6’ tall”. Ask yourself how many of your preconceived ‘deal breakers’ are actually just preferences.  Make sure you are clear about this with your Client Advisor. 

How are my dates chosen?

Matchmaking is an art, not a science. There is no algorithm or automated computer database at IJL.  Our Matchmakers work collaboratively as a team to discuss and consider each Client’s preferences and interests before making a match.  In addition, we review the feedback that you provide about your previous dates and the feedback that your previous dates have provided about you.  From there, we make decisions based on both fact and intuition. You have a physical file in our office, with your photos and handwritten notes. Matchmaking meetings take place in the office every morning, and several times throughout the day to accommodate the number of clients we work with. Do remember, chemistry cannot be predicted and sometimes as matchmakers we aren't sure if it's going to be love at first sight or just a fun conversation with someone interesting and new. Remember, each date is a new opportunity!

How many clients do you have in your database? What is the ratio of men/women?

Every day we welcome new Clients to IJL, and have Clients put their membership on Hold or Inactive Status because they have decided to date another Client exclusively or are busy with travel.  The exact number of Clients changes on a daily basis.  We work with hundreds of Clients in every age range.  The ratio of men to women also varies by age range.  We only accept people as members if we have enough Clients to introduce them to in their desired age range, that also meet their general preferences.  

Can you e-mail me my match's client description?

We believe that a person’s worth cannot be laid out in bullet points.  Matchmaking is a personal business and it’s important to have a conversation about your match so that we can answer any questions you may have. This is best accomplished over the phone.

What type of attire do IJL clients wear on dates?

First impressions set the tone for your date, so it pays to put in some effort. Do not treat your date like you are grabbing a drink on the way to the gym, or even meeting a work colleague. It is a date, and you need to approach it as such. We know busy professionals do not always have time to return home before their date, so we encourage you to plan your day and your attire with your date in mind. Plan ahead so you can switch your look from day to evening easily.  Ladies, switch out that work jacket for something soft and feminine.  Keep your jewelry simple and if you can, opt for heels over flats.  A dress or a skirt is our recommendation but always choose the look that makes you feel your most confident! Guys, ditch the running shoes and go for that newly pressed shirt. If you're coming from work, consider a change in shoes or jacket. Trade your khakis in for tailored trousers or designer denim. Perfume/Cologne in moderation is always a plus! Our Style Coach has compiled additional tips on dating attire, which you can find here .  Need extra help? Work with our professional stylist to find those date-worthy looks for a positive first impression.

How do I use the after-hours support number?

Should an emergency arise and you need to cancel, or you are running late, please call the office right away. If calling after 6pm Monday – Thursday or after 5 p.m. on Friday, use the after-hours phone number to leave a message and also call the restaurant directly if you are unable to reach the after-hours attendant live.  Ask the host or hostess to pass the message along to your date that you need to cancel or are running late.  Unless an emergency has taken place, it is inappropriate to cancel with less than 24 hours notice. 

Can you pass my number along to my match?

Of course!  We do encourage you to do this personally before your first date ends. However, if there is any miscommunication we are happy to help.  Please note, however, that we cannot relay back any information given to us by your date when we do so.


Who will hear my feedback?

Your Client Advisor and your Matchmaker will hear and review your feedback but your dates will not.  Feedback is completely confidential and is a valuable tool in selecting your next match.  Should you work with a Date Smart Dating Coach , she will also utilize this feedback to help you move beyond your dating roadblocks and find even greater success. This is why it is so important that you give us honest and detailed feedback after every date.

I’ve met Mr./Ms. Right. What do I do next?

Congratulations!  While of course we can’t guarantee a relationship, this is the end result that we would love to see for all of our Clients.  We recommend that you place your account on Inactive status for at least six months, or until you know for sure that your relationship is forever and you don’t ever want to date again!   If this is the case, simply ask your Client Advisor for a link to the cancellation form and we’ll expire your membership the following month.